Kevin Netters

Kevin Netters

Hip Hop and R&B E-Blast Campaigns

Kevin M. Netters Sr. is a New Orleans, LA native business professional and music promotion expert currently based out of Dallas, TX. In 1995 he earned his Bachelors Degree from Louisiana State University and dual Masters Degree in 2002. In the mid-80’s he was introduced to the music industry through the art of DJ’ing and Kevin immediately realized his music passion and has pursued it at all levels ever since. Now with more than 30 years of experience and success in a wide variety of professional capacities across the music industry including being an artist, artist management, radio program director, event planning, booking agent, music label management and more, Kevin is respected by his peers and clients as a business professional, music consultant and promotion/marketing specialist. He loves and continues to DJ at high level for major events across the country but his key focus for more than a decade is evolving his company.

In 2007 Kevin created & launched an online Global Music Promotion service that utilizes state of the art technology and social media tools to conveniently & quickly connect the established professional & new music artist’s music of all genres to thousands of qualified and professional DJ’s around the world.

We welcome visits from thousands of professional DJ’s everyday. Our Music Library currently hosts more than 12,000 music projects available for review and downloads by DJ’s & other Entertainment Industry Professionals. Our website platform provides proven, trusted and cost effective solutions for record labels & artists to have their music projects properly hosted, delivered, promoted, reviewed and rated with valuable and real time feedback by a qualified DJ audience.

Kevin is proud to lead an experienced team of Entertainment Industry Professionals dedicated in ensuring the our client’s music project(s) is consistently, effectively and professionally promoted in the safest, most dependable and convenient methods available! Kevin has coined the simple catch phrase “WeWork” which reflects our Team & Systems.

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