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Team Leaders


VP Label Services & Development
"It is my duty and pleasure to devote all my experience and passion towards talented artists that desire to share their musical vision with the world." - Ken Wilson, VP Label Services & Development
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VP Digital Operations
"I've been blessed to have contributed in the development and success of many talented artists. I'm thrilled to continue to find, groom and guide the next generation of talent via The Franchise Music Group." - Kevin Fleming
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VP Artist Services & Marketing
"I will use my experience and expertise to offer honest guidance and support. I want you to embrace your passion and live your life without regret." - Colleen Wilson
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Partners & Resources

Michael Oronde Wright

Internet Radio
"The globe is now available to every talented person to make their mark” - Michael Oronde Wright
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Barry Benson

Digital Marketing​
“My goal is to expose great artists and give them the platform to reach success” - Barry Benson
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Radio Promotion
“If the music & the message is great it must be heard!” - Belinda Wilson & Eddie Sims
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Aundrae Russell

Gospel Specialist
“Delivering & spreading a spiritual word through music is extremely important!” - Aundrae Russell
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Kevin Netters

E-Blast Campaigns
“DJ’s and Tastemakers are the foundation of the music world. Let’s start there!” - Kevin Netters
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Dwayne McClary

Video Promotion
“Sometimes to appreciate the music a visual brings home the message and creates familiarity to your brand” - Dwayne McClary
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Nasty NES

Hip Hop College Radio
“I believe new music and Hip Hop artists are the life’s blood of the business! At the College Radio level the passion is strong!!” - Nasty Nes
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LaMarr Blackmon

Black College Radio Promo
“Black College Radio sets the tone for an artists musical development. Black College Radio Programmers devote attention to hot & new trends" - LaMarr Blackmon
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