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Are you ready to take your music & talent to the next level?

Become a member of The Franchise Music Group today. Your Annual Membership of $99.99 includes 2 Song Submissions with Fast Feedback & Direction. Submit your Hip Hop, Contemporary R&B or New Gospel music for review, evaluation and guidance from our team of experienced, successful music and entertainment professionals. Our critical analysis is the honest assessment you need to create an action plan and launch your career in the music business. When you’re ready, The Franchise Music Group can connect you with our network of professional partners for vital​ label services like digital marketing, radio promotion, publicity, social media, management, publishing and much more!

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Upload up to two songs directly to our website or share your YouTube video.

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Team Leaders


VP Label Services & Development
"It is my duty and pleasure to devote all my experience and passion towards talented artists that desire to share their musical vision with the world." - Ken Wilson, VP Label Services & Development
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VP Digital Operations
"I've been blessed to have contributed in the development and success of many talented artists. I'm thrilled to continue to find, groom and guide the next generation of talent via The Franchise Music Group." - Kevin Fleming
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VP Artist Services & Marketing
"I will use my experience and expertise to offer honest guidance and support. I want you to embrace your passion and live your life without regret." - Colleen Wilson
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